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Skyscraper Research Assistant

Research Superiority

Tell us wath you do and we will tell you how to get organic traffic. Get a in depth research reports about SEO opportunities and how to achieve results with SEO for YOUR business.

How is the research done ?

By me, a human ! No just kidding, it's an mix of search engine analysis an AI interpretation. And it's a lot faster then you or me searching for hours to find what should be done.

What does the tool search for ?

It finds what your ideal customers are searching for that is related to your business, it looks at the best rankgin pages/posts/articles for those topics... Then it goes trough them and find what's working for them so you can do it for you !

Then what ? What is the output ?

The research assistant generates an in depth report on its findings and it sends it to his team mate, the writing assistant. You get a detailed search report so you can check everything and learn !

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Skyscraper Writing Assistant

Writing excellence

Our assistant makes compelling, SEO-optimized content that stands tall among competitors, ensuring you capture your audience's attention.

How does it help ?

It writes for you. But not like obviously ai generated blog post. It makes really really great pieces of content, optimized for SEO.

How does it work ?

The tool uses the findings of the research assistant and text generation technologies (GPT3.5 turbo or GPT4) to write absolutely amazing and human like content.

Then what ? What is the output ?

A nice and effective set of blog posts / pages, that you can copy past into your website to start ranking ! (Don't forget to index it on Google, but don't worry we will explain you how)


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  • ✅ Full in Depth SEO Report and plan tailored to your business
  • 👉 Find out exactly what you should do and write (based on the Skyscraper technique)
  • 👉 Get a 3 months content plan: 30 blog posts/pages ideas
  • ✅ 10 complete SEO optimized blog posts to jump start your SEO journey
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